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my ma ate lots of pizza whilst i was in her womb.
my dad joined the navy to give his family a better life.
my 3 brothers are younger than me.

i write with my left hand.
i played basketball up until the beginning of my senior year.
i tread the boards.

i Adore ROMY SCHNEIDER. more romy here and here...
also, search my archive for even more romy (photos, videos, tidbits...)
i Adore ROMY so much that i started a tum-tumblr blahg especially for her at:
... more than enough / off that screen

Mon Grand Amour, ET: ET Photos / Erwin T Photography

the following are from isak dinesen's (karen blixen) babette's feast
(one of my favorite stories and also, one of my favorite films):

"no, i shall never be poor. i told you that i am a great artist. a great artist, mesdames, is never poor. we have something, mesdames, of which other people know nothing."

"it is terrible and unbearable to an artist to be encouraged to do, to be applauded for doing, his second best. through all the world there goes one long cry from the heart of the artist: give me leave to do my utmost!"

"in Paradise you will be the great artist that God meant you to be! ah! ah, how you will enchant the angels!"

p.s. yes, the title is inspired from sautet's film starring romy schneider and michel piccoli, "les choses de la vie."
~ Tuesday, December 6 ~

get it, JB!  stick That in your king james edition!

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